Tuesday, 31 January 2017

True Story

Animation is based on a true Story

On 28th January 2017, a Vietnam Airline’s aircraft emergency landed at Kolkata Airport at 1.20 AM, shortly after midnight. The aircraft was travelling from Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam to Paris, France. A passenger belongs to be a French Citizen have severe respiratory problem and got sick. He has been treated in the Airport Medical Centre then transported to a city hospital, accompanied by his wife. After this, couple of hours later, when the airport authority is discussing with aircraft pilot and doing the paper works, which required for emergency landing, another French Citizen got sick inside the aircraft. He has brought to Airport Medical Centre and treated, but not taken to a hospital. After all the formalities the aircraft is ready to take-off for Paris at 8.00 AM next morning. Suddenly a call came from the aircraft that another French Citizen and an Airhostess got sick. They got treated, but not required to taken to a hospital.
Ultimately the aircraft went for Paris around noon, leaving the French Citizen and his wife in a city hospital.
Next day when they express their willingness to return back to Paris, doctor told them that in this condition they cannot travel in a normal plane. If they still want to go, then have to avail an Air Ambulance.

NB: The story is true but the animation is not 100%

The French Citizen is still in hospital but out of danger and will return to Paris probably after 7 days.
Not in an Air Ambulance but in a normal flight.

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