Jeans Stitch Effect

Jeans Stitch Effect

Open a document in Photoshop 800 x 500 px white
Foreground color 7fb6ca background 21576c
Fill with Foreground color
Filter – Filter Gallery – Sketch –Halftone Pattern

Again Filter – Filter Gallery- Artistic – Smudge Stick

Filter – Filter Gallery – Texture - Grain

Duplicate Background Layer and close the copy

Select Background Layer
Image – Adjustments – Hue/Saturation

Set the Foreground color to white
Window – Character, Size 230 pt, Tracking Value 70

I used Grobold font

If the letters are too close
Click in between two letters and give some value hers
Because we need some space in between letters

Make the Background Copy layer visible
Then Press Ctrl and click on T thumbnail to create a selection

Select – Modify – Expand By 6

Select Background Copy Layer
Then Press Ctrl + J
Close Background Copy Layer
We don’t required it any more

Duplicate Layer 1, Change Blend Mode to Soft light
and Opacity to 50% 

Select Text Layer. Press Ctrl and Click on T to select

Right Click on Text Layer and
Select ‘Create Work Path’

Click on Brush in the Tool Bar
Select Calligraphic Brushes
Window – Brushes
Click on Brush Tip Shape, adjust like this

Click on shape Dynamics, adjust like this

Add a new layer at the top
Set Foreground color BDAF7D
Select Direct Selection Tool in the Tool Bar
Right Click on the Path on the Text
and select Stroke Path
Select Brush from drop down menu
Simulate Pressure unchecked - ok

Hit Enter to remove Path
You will get this

Add some Layer Style
Right Click on Layer 2 – Blending Options

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Outer Glow

Bevel and Emboss

Contour by Default

You will get this

You may STOP here or do something more

Press Ctrl and click on thumbnail of Layer 1 Copy
to select outer portion of the text

Window – Brush and select Dune Grass
If you don’t have Dune Grass, Don’t worry
Google Chrome users just drag the picture
from here to your desktop
Others have to save the picture in your Desktop

Open the picture in Photoshop
Edit – Define Brush Preset
Write ‘Dune Grass = OK

Click Brush on Tool Bar
Window - Brushes

Brush Tip Shape

Shape Dynamics


Color Dynamics

Right Click on Text Layer – Create Work Path
Create a new layer below two Texas layers

Foreground color 7fb6ca, Background color 21576c
Direct Selection Tool
Right Click on Path – Stroke Path
Brush from Drop down menu
Uncheck Simulate Pressure – OK
Do this once more
Hit Enter to delete Path
You will get this

Another Example

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