Glowing Line

Glowing Line

Open a picture in Photoshop

Click here to add a new layer

Click on the brush

Select brush type and size
Make it 7 px

Opacity should be set at 100%
Foreground color should be whitr (FFFFFF)

Window – Brushes

A pop-up window will open
Select ‘Shape Dynamics’
Set Control to ‘Pen Pressure’
Also select ‘Smoothing’

Close it – Select Pen Tool

Left Click where you want your Glowing Line to Start

Then Left Click and hold, where you want the line to curve
move your mouse until the curve is satisfactory
then release the mouse. Like this

Left Click and hold again till the next curve is satisfactory

Remember you can always press Ctrl + Z
It willundo your last action
Do like this

When you have finished, Right Click on it
and select ‘Stroke Path’

Make sure Brush is selected
Simulate Pressure checked – OK

Right Click on the selection again
and then click ‘Deleth Path’
It will remove the nods from the line

Right Click on the Layer – Blending Options

Click on the text Outer Glow
Adjust like Picture
You can choose any color

Feel free to play with settings
For your satisfaction of Glow Line
There are no ‘Right & Wrong’
Only a different picture

Now we have our Glowing Line
But we want it to wrap around the girl
So we are going to remove the unwanted part
by using Eraser Tool

Now remove the unwanted parts of the line

You will get this

This is our Glowing Line

Now Multicolor Glowing Line
Make a Glowing Line as before
This time I make it yellow glow

Add another layer
Layer – New – Layer

Select Brush
Set your foreground color to blue
Paint like this

Set your foreground color to red, neon green
and pink simultaneously
paint like this

Press Alt and place the mouse in between
Layer 2 & Layer 3 as shown with red arrow
Your mouse will change like the black one automatically

Left Click once
Picture will be like this

Click as shown with red arrow
Merge Down

Erase the unwanted line like before
You will get it

We are done

If you want this
Just close the Outer Glow in layer 1

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