Sliding Door

Tube Rail Kolkata

Sliding Door

Those who are familiar with animation
will know how to open a door
by adding layers
but here I shall show you how to do it
using a real picture with it's components


Open the compartment in PSP
Window – Duplicate. Minimize the original
We shall work on duplicate
Selection Tool – Rectangle, Select the door

Copy – Paste as new image
Adjust – Hue and Saturation – Colorize

Name it Back Door & minimize it
Now on main compartment
Press shift and select all 3 doors
Hit delete in your keyboard
Selections - Select None
With Magic Wand select the first door

Layers – New Raster layer
Copy the Back door & paste into selection
Do it 3 times for 3 doors. Merge these 3 layers
Layers – Arrange – Move Down

Copy these 2 layers above original compartment
First the compartment without door
Then the Back Doors

Open the original door
With Rectangle Selection Tool
Select left & right side door separately
Paste as new image, minimize
Rename Door 1 & Door 2

Stand in the bottom layer at original Compartment
Copy & paste the left & right doors as new layer
Adjust with move tool
Then merged down these 2 layers

Do it 5 times or as you like
But always in a separate layer

Rename these layers D1, D2 … D5
We are done

If you want a person to appear standing
inside the train
paste him as new layer above the layer
Back Door. Below D1
(See the real animation)
Close D1 to D5 layers
Open D1, Edit – Copy Merged
Animation Shop – Paste as new Animation
PSP, close D1, open D2
AS, paste after current frame
Do like this
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5
D5, D4, D3, D2, D1
AS, Edit – Select All
Right click on any frame
Frame Properties = 15

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