Grandpa's Clock

Grandpa's Clock



The Clock is easy
Difficult part is accuracy
Only accuracy will make your clock beautiful
Without accuracy it will look shabby
Irrespective of labour you have given
So we shall specially work on accuracy part
Instead of 10.00 PM, I am showing you
11.00 PM to 12.00 AM

Open a document in PSP 400 x 400
Select Pen Tool and draw 2 lines crosswise

The cross section is the centre of the clock
This is very important
Pick Selection Tool - Circle

Draw a circle starting from cross section

Layers – New Raster Layer
Paint with color #AE9802
Selections – Modify – Contract - 20
Hit Delete in keyboard
Selections – Select None
Effects – 3D Effects – Inner Bevel

 Pick Magic Wand & click inside the circle

Selections – Modify – Expand - 2
Layers – New Raster Layer

Paint with a Gradient

Select any gradient by clicking the arrow
Then click on Edit, then click New
Write Clock in the pop-up box
First Click on 1 then click on 2, change color
Then click on 3, change locations
First nod 0, second 50 & third 100

When pop-up box arrive at the end, click Yes

Selections – Select None
Layers – Arrange – Move Down
Foreground color black (000000)

With Pen Tool width 6, draw a line

Foreground color black (00FF00)
With Pen Tool width 3, draw a line above this

Merge these 2 layers (Merge Down)

With Paint Brush spot a dot on cross section of the hand

Rename this layer H1
Duplicate this layer 11 times. You have 12 hands
Duplicate from original, do not duplicate from duplicate
Stand on the first layer
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Left – 90

Stand on the 2nd layer
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Left – 60
3rd layer left 30
Keep the 4th layer as it is
Stand on the 5th layer

Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Right – 30

All the time place it with Move Tool
Keeping the dot in the cross section

6th layer right 60
7th layer right 90
8th layer right 120
9th layer right 150
10th layer right 180
11th layer right 210
12th layer right 240
Open all the hands
Write 12, 3, 6 & 9
Roman or numerical as you like
Place them with move tool
Then with pen Tool like previous
Draw an hour line

 Duplicate 7 times
2nd layer rotate right 30
3rd layer rotate right 90
4th layer rotate right 120
5th layer rotate right 180
6th layer rotate right 210
7th layer rotate right 270
8th layer rotate right 300
With Move Tool place those at 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11

Close H1 layers
Stand on the layer below H1
Like previous draw a line here

Rename this layer H2

Duplicate 6 times
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Right – 5
2nd layer rotate right 10
3rd layer rotate right 15
4th layer rotate right 20
5th layer rotate right 25
6th layer rotate right 30
7th layer rotate right 35

Layers – New raster Layer
With paint brush draw a small circle in the centre
Then a green circle, a little smaller

Close all H2 layers
Layers – New raster Layer
With Selection Tool draw a smaller circle
Paint with red color
Selections – Modify – Contract - 1
Hit Delete in keyboard

Selections – Select None

Open all H1 layers
Layers – New raster Layer
Write H
Each time open a raster layer
And write an alphabet, like A, P, P, Y …..
But always in a separate layer
Place them with Move Tool

We are done

Now animation

Close all the hands & alphabets
Open these two only

Edit – copy Merged
Go to Animation Shop – Edit – Paste – Paste as New Animation
Close 1st H1 open 2nd H1
Edit – copy Merged
In AS – Edit – Paste – Paste as Current Frame
Close 2nd H1 open 9rd H1 also open 1st H2
Like this open H2 at alternate frames
At 12.00 o’clock
Close the hands & open alphabet layers one by one
Then close all alphabet layers
Then open all alphabet layers
This will give you blinking effect

Now fireworks
Open the firework in Animation Shop
You can see there are 11 frames
Therefore duplicate the last frame of the clock 11 times
Open firework frames
Edit – Select All, Edit – Copy
Open clock
Press CTRL and select last 11 frames
Right click on the 1st frame of these 11
Paste - Paste into Selected Frame
You can see the firework
in the tip of your mouse
move the mouse where you want to place it
then left click
it will come in all 11 frames

All Frames before alphabet = 100
Alphabets = 15
Fireworks = 10
Blinking = 20
First & last frames before alphabet = 300
Last frame of animation = 300


 Lisa T, Thank you

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