Hopping Doll

Hopping Doll

You may choose 1 doll from here


Open a document in PSP 630 x 430 transparent
Selection tool, draw a round selection
Fill with your choice of color
Effects – 3D Effects – Inner Bevel
It will look like a ball

Now count the letters of your ward
which you want to write
duplicate the layer that many times minus 1
I want to write ‘Happy Birthday’
So I duplicated 12 times
There are 13 balls in 13 different layers
Place them with Move Tool
Rename the layers B1 … B13

Now copy and paste one ball to Animation Shop
Right Click on the ball – Insert Image Transition

Select ‘Spin’ from drop down menu

You will gate this

Right Click and copy the frame shown in red
Back to PSP, Paste as New Image
Minimize it
Copy and Paste as New Layer
Just above B1
Like this copy and paste a layer
above B2 to B13
Close the frames in AS

Add a layer above C1, write H
My choice of color, font & size
You choose yours

Place the letter with Move Tool

Like this write each letter in a separate layer
above C1 to C13 & rename T1 … T13
If you have a problem in alignment
Add a layer at top & draw a line with pen tool
After placing the letters, delete the layer

Copy and Paste the doll as new layer at the top
Open B1 to B13 layers
Close all other later
Edit –Copy merged
AS, Paste as new animation
Open the doll layer & place like this
Henceforth I am not telling you
but you have to copy merged and
paste after current frame in AS
after every move
Move the doll with Move Tool


Next move, close B1 open C1

Next move, close C1 open T1
Do it like this up to B13

You can close the letters at the end
Close T13, open C13
Close C13, open B13
Carry on like this

Now timing
Edit – Select All
Right click on any Frame – Frame properties = 50
Now change individual frames
F1 = 200, F40 = 500
F (2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31,
33, 35, 37, 39) = 20
F14, 16, 18, 20, 22 = 35
F41 to F53 = 40

How to save, See Jumping Doll

If you have any problem
e-mail me: abhijit2011b@gmail.com
or tweet me: @abhijit2011b

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