Open a document in PSP 650 x 450 Transparent
Effects – Plug-in Filters – Flaming Pear – Glitterato
Use any setting you like
I used

If you don’t have Glitterato, use simple color
of night sky
Copy and paste the earth as new layer

Background color is #5ECCF1, foreground closed
With Shape Tool, select Ellipse
Draw an ellipse like this

Right click on the layer – Convert to Raster Layer
Selections – Select all, Selections – Float
Selections – Modify – contract 2
Hit delete on your keyboard
With Raster Deform, move & rotate it over earth
Erase the upper portion of the ellipse
So that it looks like, earth is surrounded by it

Open the Satellite. Image – Resize – 25%
Duplicate it and with brush give an orange spot

Now place the satellite as a new layer like this
After 3 use 1 with orange spot

Does it like this. You have nearly 200 layers
Gap should be very less, to reduce the speed

Erase these portions with eraser, so that it looks like

It is coming & going behind the earth

We are done
Keep open the layers Sky, Earth & Ellipse
Close all other layers
Open the satellite layers one by one from bottom
Edit – Copy Merged
In Animation Shop paste after current frame
Timing by default 10
When the satellite disappear behind the earth
Give the timing of that frame 250

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