Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy


Open a document in PSP 600 x 300 transparent
Open the puppy and paste as a New Selection
in the bottom left corner
NOTE: If you want to open a GIF picture in PSP
you may not see a transparent picture
the background may be black
So open a GIF picture in Animation Shop
then copy and paste it as New Image in PSP
Now you can see the transparent picture

Edit – Copy Merged – Paste as new Animation in AS
Henceforth after every move you have to copy merged
and paste after current frame in AS
Same way open the feather as new layer
With Raster Deform, rotate & place it in puppy’s mouth

Add a layer and write Good Morning or whatever
Rename the layer ‘Text’
With move tool place the feather
at the starting of G
then close the text layer
copy & paste in AS

Do not paste this. This is just an example
for your understanding

But you have to add another 3 layers before this
With Raster Deformaion rotate & move
The feather like this and paste each move in AS
Starting after Frame 2


Now you have 6 frames
Duplicate Text layer, close text layer
Stay on duplicate
Pick Eraser and erase everything
Except a portion of G

Delete the copy of text layer
Like this you have to duplicate the text and erase
Then delete the layer
Next few moves


Does it like this. Just erase
and move the feather
at the end return back the feather to the puppy
Move and rotate with raster deform as required
so that the feather will not go out of frame

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