Level Crossing

Level Crossing



Open a new document in PSP 670 x 450 transparent
Selections – Select All
Crop your background, right click in the selection
Paste – Paste into Selection

 Layers – New Vector Layer
Background color #808080. Close Foreground color
With Rectangle Shape Tool draw a rectangle
Like the stones in the animation

 Right click on layer – Convert to raster layer
Effects – Texture Effects – Texture – Cork
Use these settings

You will get this

Draw a Rail Line in a different layer
If you do not know how to draw Rail Line
and how to set multiple lines
See my Diesel Locomotive tutorial
Or you can use my line

Duplicate the layer
With Raster Deform Tool press little inwards
and place above the first line

Add a vector layer below the line
Background color # 3C3C3C
With Rectangle Shape Tool, draw a vertical rectangle
Adjust it with Raster Deform Tool – Perspective

 Add another Vector Layer below road layer
Same way create road side soil
Use Eraser Tool to remove excess portion of line

With pen tool draw 4 posts for Level Crossing
Foreground color # FFF001
Set the pen tool as Solid

Draw a line
Change foreground color to # 000000
With brush draw like this

 Effects – 3D effects – Inner Bevel

Place it in the front post
Layer duplicate, resize
Place it in the back post
Rename LC1 & LC2

 Select LC1, duplicate 15 times
Stand on first copy
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate

Like this add 3 in each layer, 6, 9, 12 … 42, 45

Like this do LC2 also
Copy & paste the signal
Duplicate two times
Use Paint Brush for color Red & Yellow
Copy & paste The Train as new layer
Duplicate several times
In each layer move the train a little right

If you have problem
See my Diesel Locomotive tutorial

Now Animation
Keep these layers open all the time
Sky, Background, Road, Lines, LC Posts
Close & open the layers in a combination
See the animation and guess, it is easy
Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in Animation Shop after current frame


  1. which Software are you use??

    1. I use 'Jasc Paintshop Pro 9' for design.
      Then animate that at 'Jasc Animation Shop 3.5'.
      Both are available in internet for free download.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.