Star Wars II

Star Wars II



The tutorial is same as my previous tutorial Star War
You can do it, if you follow Star War
Therefore I am not giving you details
Only a shorter version

Open a document in PSP 640 x 450 transparent
Effects – Plugins – Flaming Pear – Glitterato
Copy & Paste Spaceship1 as new layer
Duplicate 19 times, total 20 layers
Always duplicate from original layer
Do not duplicate from duplicate
It will fade the picture
Select first duplicate layer
Image – Resize 95%, Resize all layers unchecked

Resize other 18 layers like this
Reduce 5% each time, until it is 5
Like 90, 85, 80,75 … 15,10,5
Layers – New Vector Layer
With Pen Tool draw a line as shown
Layers – Duplicate, Image – Flip

Copy & paste Tie-Fighter several times
With Move Tool place them from right top corner
Flip the Tie-Fighter, copy & paste several times
Place them from right bottom corner

Duplicate last Tie-Fighter of each set
Adjust – Hue and Saturation - Colorize

Add a vector layer in the middle of each set
With Pen Tool draw a laser
Add another 2 vector layers above Spaceship1
Draw 2 green lasers
(For layers positions, see my layers)

At the time of using red laser, on that frame
Move the Spaceship1 little up & down
Copy & paste Spaceship2 as new layer several times
Place them and use dissolve at the end frame
Like I have shown in Star War tutorial

Open & close the layers in the combinations you like
Edit – Copy Merged and paste
in Animation Shop after current frame

Layers Positions

A = Spaceship1, Q = Spaceship2
B = Tie-Fighter first set
C = Tie-Fighter second set




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