City Bus

City Bus

For any animation, background is very important
A poor background makes a great animation appear shabby
But a great background makes a simple animation superb
Here the animation is made by using Sliding Door
I am not going to show it again
I shall only show you the layers
You have to do it of your own

Here I shall show you, how to make background
Open a document in PSP 650 x 400 transparent
Paint with color # 7FABFD
Layer – New raster layer
With rectangle selection tool draw a rectangle
in the bottom. Paint with # 808080
Effects – Texture Effects – Texture

You will get this

Add a layer select the area like road, paint with # C3C3CA
Add a layer like border, paint with white
Foreground color is black
With square brush make border

Crop some grass from any picture. Add as a new layer
Place like this

Duplicate these 4 layers and place like this
With raster deform press a little all 4 layers

Add 2 sets of trees in 2 layers

Add skyscrapers in different layers
Add stop sign board & write bus stop
Draw a line with brush. All in different layers
Add some people
You do it one by one then see the layer position below
Do it with – Layers – Arrange – Move Up or Down

Add Bus, Truck & car
Duplicate several times. Place like this

Keep the background open
Go to Animation Shop & paste merged copy
Open & close one by one from bottom
Save as GIF

Layer's Position


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