Diesel Locomotive

Diesel Locomotive


Open a document in PSP 670 x 450 transparent
Paint with color #83ACFF
Foreground color #404040, select Pen Tool
Draw a line. Line style-Solid, Width 8.00. Apply ( Left top corner)
Change foreground color to #C0C0C0
Draw a line above this line. This time width 4.00. Apply

Right click on layer panel
Convert to Raster Layer

Layers – Duplicate
With Move Tool place it like this
And with Raster Deform press a little
If you place the curser above the Tools
You can read the Tool’s name

With Freehand Selection Tool, Draw a sleeper
Duplicate it several times & place like this

Close the line layer
Layers – Merge – Merge Visible
All the sleepers are merged in a single layer
Open the line layer
With Pen Tool draw lines so that
it looks like rail track
Merge all these layers

Layers – Arrange – Send to Bottom

Copy& paste the train as new layer
With Move Tool place like this

Copy & paste the Train several times
Do not duplicate
Close all the layers
Then open one by one from the bottom
View – Rulers
Enlarge the documents into 500%
By rolling the mouse

With pen tool draw a line and place it like this
To keep the train straight
So that it will not jump up & down

Starting from bottom, move the Engine towards left

First pull the train 2 points towards left
Then 3 points towards left
Then few layers 5 points
Then few layers 10 points
Like this increase 5 points only after few layers
To avoid the jerk & to pick up the speed
Use your imagination
I suggest you should not go over 60

Now Animation
Close all the Train layers
Open the layers one by one from bottom
Edit – Copy Merged & paste in Animation Shop
After Current Frame
For timing, experiment, do which looks good
I used 10
Save as GIF

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