You may use the girl
Save it

Open a new document 630 x 450 transparent
Selection Tool – Ellipse
Draw an ellipse, fill with 404040
Selections – Modify – Contact 5
Hit Delete, Selection None
Image – Resize 20%
(Resize depends upon your size)

Layer duplicate several times, move the ellipse
One after another to make a chain
Merge visible

Place it to right top corner
Duplicate layer 5 times
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate 5
Left or right as required

Place those like this with Move Tool

Rename these layers A1 … A6
Copy one layer another 6 times
Place like this

Rename those layers B1 … B6
Copy one layer another 6 times
Place like this

Rename these layers C1 … C6
Copy and Paste the girl as new layer at the top
Place her like this

Copy the layer 17 times. Total 18 layers
Move & Rotate with Raster Deform Tool
Place like this

Rename these layers D1 … D18
Copy one layer. Image – Mirror
Duplicate 17 times, total 18 layers
Place them like previous
Starting from C6, C5 … A2, A1

Rename these layers R1 … R18

Now the tricky part
Copy Merged & Paste in animation Shop, each move
When I say open a move (Layers)
Close previous move (Layers)

A1, B6, C1, D1

A2, B5, C2, D2
A3, B4, C3, D3

Like this
You have to up & down 3 times each set
To reach D18
(A1 to A6 – A6 to A1 – A1 to A6)
When the girl is jumping from 1 set of chain
to another set, don’t move the chain
on that move
Do the same thing when the girl is reverse
This time

A6, B1, C6, R1

A5, B2, C5, R2
A4, B3, C4, R3
Again you have to up & down 3 times each set
To reach R18
Edit – Select All
Right Click at any frame
Frame Properties – Give 20
If you do not know how to save
See Jumping Balls Tutorial

Don’t lose your concentration
At the end you will get a awesome animation


 Eva Kovacs. Thank you


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    1. Hello dear Sudhanya, also very good tutorial, thank you. I made this picture:

      It may not quite well done...
      Hugs, Eva

  2. It is beautiful. Thank you ... Abhijit