New Year's Card

New Year's Card

You can do it for any purpose
Like Birthday, Marriage Anniversary etc.

Open a document in PSP transparent 260 x 500
Paint with A9BFFD (Color choice is yours)
Adjust – Add/Remove Noise – Add Noise
Uniform 10 – Monochrome checked
The portion in bracket is optional
( Effects – Plug-in – Alien Skin Xenofex2 – Burnt Edges )
Use a same shed but dipper color for Burn Color

Draw a rectangle selection in the left
and hit delete in keyboard

Make a copy & minimize the original
For decoration I used Photoshop
butterfly_flower_vector Brush
Saved in PNG then open at PSP
You can use anything
Brush or photo to decorate
This is the cover of the card

Now open a document transparent 520 x 500
Copy & Paste as new selection
in the upper right corner 

Open the original & Paste as new layer
Just above the cover
In this point you should be careful
If it does not match, the card will be jumpy

Layer – Duplicate, Image – Mirror
Adjust with move tool

Write what do you want to write
Separately in Raster 2 & 3

Stay on Raster 1
Layers – Duplicate, Arrange – Move Up
Rename the layer M1
With Raster deform tool move
Slightly inwards & down

Duplicate and do it another 3 times
Rename the layers M2, M3 & M4

Stay on Raster 3
Layers – Duplicate, Arrange – Move Down
Do like this 4 times
Rename H1 … H4

Do not think too much about accuracy
because you cannot see
more than 1 frame at a time
Final Layers position

Open Raster1 - close all other layers
Edit - Copy Merged
Animation Shop - Paste as new Animation
PSP – Open Raster2 & M1 only
Edit - Copy Merged
AS - Paste after current frame
PSP – Close M1 open M2
Edit - Copy Merged
AS - Paste after current frame
Close M2 open M3
Close M3 open M4
Close M4 open H1
Close H1 open H2
Close H2 open H3
Close H3 open H4
Close H4 open Raster3
This is frame no 10
Now copy frame 9
and paste after 10
do it the reverse way up to frame 2
you have now 18 frames
Right click on a Frame – Frame Properties
Give timing
F1 = 400
F10 = 500
All other Frame = 20
See the animation

Now send an e-card of your own


 Müşerref Özdaş. Thank you

Msrf Designs

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