Number Plate

Number Plate

This is the Number Plate of my Bike
In Calcutta, West Bengal

Before you do this, go and see a Number Plate
In your City
I have done it like India 

Open a new document 540 x 290 px white
Paint with color 465a94
Add a new Layer by clicking in the bottom

Set foreground color to e9e9e9
And background colour to d2d2d2
Right Click on Shape and select
Round Rectangle Tool
At the top  select Fill Pixels
Radius should be 20 px

Go to, Window – info
Here you can see the size of drawing
Draw a round rectangle 500 x 250
If it is not in the middle, Place it in the middle
with Move Tool shown with blue arrow

Filter – Noise – Add Noise
Amount: 2, Gaussian, Monochromatic checked

Set foreground color to black add a new layer
Layer 2 is selected, press Ctrl and click on Layer 1 Icon

Round rectangle is selected
Select – Modify – Contract by 5 pixels
You are still in the Layer 2
Paint the selection with black color

Again, Select – Modify – Contract by 10 pixels
Hit Delete. Press Ctrl + D to deselect

Right Click on Layer 2 – blending Options

Outer Glow

Bevel and Emboss

Lower the opacity of this Layer to 28
Click on T at Tool Bar and write a car number

Place it with Move Tool
Create a new layer just below the Text Layer
Stay in this Layer
Press Ctrl and click on T Icon on Text Layer
This will select the number
Select – Modify – Expand 5 px
Fill the selection with color 787878

Right Click on Layer 3 – blending Options
Bevel and Emboss

Lower the opacity of this layer to 32
( or as you like )

Copy and Paste a sticker of your choice

Right Click on Shape – Polygon tool, Sides 6

Add a layer at top
Draw a screw at one corner
Double Click on the layer
Bevel and Emboss

Like this

Duplicate the layer 3 times ( Total 4 screws )
Place 1 in each corner with Move Tool
You will get the final Image

Close the background layer
File – Save As – Save in PNG format

An Example

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