Cable Car

Cable Car


I have used a landscape as background
You may use a different background
or draw something of your own

Open a landscape
Right click on layer – Promote Background layer
Image – Resize
Resize it around 670 px X 450 px (or as you like)
Layers – New Raster Layer
Arrange – Send to Bottom
Image – Canvas Size. Make it 730 x 510

Stand on the top layer
Layers – New Raster Layer
Selection Tool – Ellipse. Draw an ellipse

Fill the ellipse with color #000000
Selections – Modify - Contact 2
Hit Delete in your keyboard
Selections – Select None

With Raster Deform Tool, move & rotate like this

Duplicate the layer 3 times & place them like cables
Then with Eraser remove the excess portion
Then with Crop Tool, crop the original picture
Rename these layers R1, R2, R3 & R4

Resize the Cabin to 90%
Stand on layer R2
Copy & paste the cabin several times
Approx 75 times ( do not duplicate layer )
R3 & R4 should be above these layers
Rename these layers C1, C2, C3 …. C75
With move too place those like this

When you place them, reduce each layer by 1%
1st layer 100%, 2nd 99%, 3rd 98% like this
Do it up to 40% or 36%. Not less than that. Then continue

Stand on layer R4
Copy & paste the cabin several times
Approx 75 times ( do not duplicate layer )
Do like previous
Rename these layers A1, A2, A3 … A75

When you reach the tree
Erase the portion of few cabins above the tree
Also erase the ropes
Then it looks like the cabin is disappearing
behind the tree

Now Animation
Open C1 & A75, Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in Animation Shop as new animation
Close. Open C2 & A74
C3 & A73
When you reach certain point say C52 & A25
With those 2 layers
Again open C1 & A75
( C52+A25+C1+A75 )
And continue, but now with 4 layers

At the end at Animation Shop
Edit – Select All
Right Click on any frame
Frame Properties
Give 14

We are done

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