Battle Field

Battle Field




Open a document in PSP 670 x 450 transparent
Paint with color #A1BCFF
Layer – New Raster Layer
Paint with color #D2C4B4
Select Raster Deform Tool

Drag the top nod towards bottom

Add some grass as you like as new layer
Layer – New Raster Layer
Foreground color #FFFFFF
Using Cloud Brush draw some cloud
(See my Aircraft tutorial for Cloud Brush)
Add Trees as new layer

Add Anti Aircraft Gun as new layer
Layer – New Vector Layer
Use Pen Tool and draw a line

We shall delete this line later

Copy & Paste the Aircraft as new Layer
Duplicate the Layer several times
With Move Tool place like this
Use: Image – Rotate – Free Rotate

to rotate the Aircraft downwards

Paste the Fire Ball as new layer & place it
Paste the Shell as new layer
Duplicate several times & place like this
Along the red line

Also paste the soldier as new layer

Stand on this layer

Effects – Plug-in – Eye Candy 4000 – Fire
Use this setting

Then select the layers above this one by one
Use Fire with same settings in each layer
Only click once in Random Seed in each layer
You will get this

 We are done
Now close all the Aircraft layers
Also close all shell & fireball layers

Now open first layer of Aircraft, shell & fireball

Edit – Copy Merged
In Animation Shop, Paste as New animation
In PSP, close first layer of Aircraft, shell & fireball
Then open & close Aircraft & Shell one by one
Edit – Copy Merged
Select the frame in Animation Shop
Right click & paste After Current Frame

In Animation Shop
Edit – Select All
Right click in any frame – Frame Properties
Give 8
Save as GIF

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