Animation Tutorial

Animation Tutorial

Open a JPEG picture in Animation Shop

Minimise it.
Open a Animation (GIF) in AS
Like this

Count the no of frame
In this case it is 10 frames
Go to Edit – Select all

Minimise it and open the JPEG picture
Right click on it – Duplicate Selected

Select the 2nd frame and do it again and again
Until it is 10 frame

( in case of other animation – total no of JPEG frames 
is equal to total no of animation frames )

Go to Edit – Select all

Maximise the animation frames
Edit - Copy

Again minimize Animation frames
Go to
Edit – Paste – Into Selected Frame

The Animation will stuck in the tip of your mouse
Place the mouse where you want to paste the animation
Then Left Click
The animation will appear in all 10 frames

Right Click on 1st frame – Frame Properties

You will get this

If you want to change the animation speed
Increase  or decrease the no shown in 1

( I shall prefer you keep the no which will come automatically )

Then click OK
Now click here

You can see the animation
If you like it close the amimation

( Do not close the JPEG frames )

File – Save AS

Give a file name - Save


Use as shown

Click Optimizations - OK





Animation will save automatically

Feel free to ask me if you face any problem

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