Open a document in PSP 650 x 400 transparent
Paint with color #A8BDD2
Cropped some grass from any picture
Paste as a new layer

Layers – New Vector Layer
Change background color to #3A3A3C
Close foreground color
With shape tool draw a rectangle

Right Click on Vector Layer
Convert to raster layer
With Raster Deform Tool change it
First scale mode

Then perspective
If required use some free mode (optional)

Layer – New Vector Layer
Select Pen Tool, width = 12
With this Setting draw lines from top to bottom

Draw another 2 lines, this time width = 8, small dash
Convert into raster layer
Then with Raster Deform adjust
Merge all except the background layer (Sky layer)

With cloud brush from previous tutorial add some cloud
Open the aircraft
Effects – Plug-in – KPT6 – Lens Flare
Use this setting & move the light with your mouse

Do the same with Green, Blue & Yellow color
Move the lights in proper places
Rename A, Ared, Agreen, Ablue & Ayellow
Copy & paste the aircraft (A) as new layer
IMPORTANT: Do not move or adjust the aircraft
If required adjust the background
Without touching the aircraft

Copy & paste the aircraft above this layer
In this sequence

A, A, Ared, A, A, Agreen, A, A, Ayellow, A. A, Ablue
Repeat until you add total 25 layers
Rename these layers P1 … P25
Bottom to Top
Stand on P2

Image – Resize 96 %
Resize all layers unchecked

Then go to P3, P4 …P25
Reduce 4 % in each layer (92, 88, 84 … 4)

Close all layers except Background & Runway
Keep it open all the time
Open P1, Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in Animation Shop
Close P1, open P2
In Animation Shop paste after current frame
Do it like this up to P25
You can add few frames below P1
Ared, Agreen, Ayellow, A blue
In the same sequence
So the aircraft will blink
Standing in the runway

In Animation Shop, Edit – Select All
Right click on any frame
Frame properties = 12
Save As GIF

If you are a beginner do not try Qantas Aircraft
If you are in intermediate level
Add Qantas at frame 4
Move it like “Diesel Locomotive” tutorial
It is a multiple animation

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