Alien Spaceship

Alien Spaceship



Open a document in PSP 640 x 450 transparent
Effects – Plugins – Flaming Pear – Glitterato

Copy & paste the spaceship as new layer
Layers – New Vector Layer
Using Pen Tool draw a line like this
Vector layers are for adjustment only
At the end we shall delete all vector layers

Copy & paste the spaceship several times
above sky layer
With move tool space these like this

Copy & paste the spaceship 6 times
Rename these layers L1 to L6
Select L1
Effects – Plugins – KPT6 – Lens Flare

(If you do not have KPT6, use brush with red Foreground)

Use this from L1 to L6 but in different spot

Again copy & paste the spaceship several times
Rename these layers S1, S2, S3 …
Select S1
Image – Resize – 96%, all layers unchecked

Select S2, resize 92%
Like this resize S3, S4, S5 …
Every time reduce 4%
Like S3 88%, S4 84%, S5 80% & so on
Do this up to 4%
Layers – New Vector Layer
With Pen Tool draw 2 lines like shown below
Copy & paste the comets several times
With move tool place those like this

We are done
Now close all layers except sky layer
Open the layers one by one from bottom
Edit – Copy Merged and
Paste in Animation Shop after current frame
When you reach L1
After copying L1 to L6, copy & paste
L5 to L1 (reverse direction)
I have repeated this once more
Then as usual
Do not forget to delete vector layers
before going to Animation Shop
Timing: Spaceship 10 by default
Comets 6
Change timing by right click on the frame
Frame Properties – Give 6

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