Blinking Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


Open the PNG picture of Christmas Tree
Duplicate the picture twice
Now you have 3 Christmas Tree pictures
Minimize the 2nd and 3rd picture
We will work on first picture

Layers – New Raster Layer
Layers – Arrange – Send to Bottom
Paint with color Black (#000000)
or the color of tour choice
(Do not work on transparent picture. It will not save
properly in Animation Shop)
Select top layer
Effects – Plug-in Filters – KPT 6 – KPT Lens Flare

Set the Filter like this

With the mouse drag the light above this ball

Click on √ sign
Do it in all the balls shown in the Picture 1
Then Picture 2 and Picture 3
Do not change the filter settings

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Open Picture 1 again
Effects – Plug-in Filters – Plugin Galaxy – Star

Use this setting
Right click in the position you want to set the Star

Do it like shown in the picture 1, 2 and 3
We are done

Open 1st Picture
Edit – Copy Merged
Go to Animation Shop
Edit – Paste – As New Animation
Open 2nd Picture
Go to Animation Shop
Edit – Paste – After Current Frame
Open 3rd Picture
Go to Animation Shop
Edit – Paste – After Current Frame
File – Save As
Save as GIF picture

If you do not know how to save
See my first tutorial “Animation Tutorial”
in the left hand side

If you do not have KPT 6 and Plugin Galaxy filters
Use Paint Brush

This one for KPT 6

And this one for Plugin Galaxy

These are in built brushes in Paintshop Pro