Moto Jump

Moto Jump

You may use the bike
Resize it to 30%
A working tube I made for this animation

Open a document in PSP 650 x 500 transparent
With Freehand Selection Tool
Point to Point, draw a hump
Copy and Paste the biker as new layer
Duplicate several times
(40 to 60 times, depends upon you)
Always duplicate original layer, i.e. Raster 2
Do not duplicate from duplicate
It will fade the pictures
Stand on Raster 2
With Raster Deform Tool place the biker

We always go upwards in Layer Palettes
Always use Raster Deform in this tutorial
Don’t use Move Tool
Stand in the layer just above Raster 2
Place it like this

Place the biker one by one
Move and Rotate with Raster Deform
You may increase the gap a little
It will reduce the frames in animation

When you reach the top
Give the biker a little height

From this point start rotating the bike
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate 90 Right

Start at 90, increase by 10 in each layer
Like 100, 110, 120, 130 …….
End at 310
It will land the bike in rare wheel
 Now how you rotate the bike in same place
Stand at the top layer
Layers – New Vector layer
Select Pen and draw 2 lines crosswise

Select a point and place it in the cross section
I select the hole

Does it like this

After rotate 310 be sure the bike
Land on its rare wheel
If in your case it is not 310 then
Give the rotation what it required
Because we want it looks like original
Don’t doubt me, I am worlds biggest
MotoGP & Motocross Fan
I am also an excellent rider

Then land the front wheel

Go on like this then delete the vector layer
My final picture

Keep the Raster 1 open all the time (the hump)
Open 1 layer at a time from the bottom
Paste in Animation Shop – After current frame
At Animation Shop, Edit – Select All
Right Click in any frame
Frame Properties – give 6

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