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Open the picture Skyline in PSP
Selections – Select all
Click on brush & click here

Then here

When the window opens, write Skyline

Your brush is ready
Like this install cloud brush
I have cropped some grass from a random picture
Open a document in PSP 1350 x 500 transparent
Paint with color 4071FE
Copy & paste the grass as new layer
Then draw a runway with brush or shape tool

Use Skyline brush. Foreground color #000000
Draw like this. Use twice or thrice

Open another document in PSP 1350 x 500 transparent
Paint with color 4071FE
Foreground color is #FFFFFF
Use Cloud brush, draw some cloud

Minimize these 2 documents

The difference between previous tutorial & this is
previous tutorial don’t have any background
but this tutorial has background
so we cannot move the aircraft like train
here we keep the aircraft static
and shall move the background

Open a new document at PSP 675 x 500 transparent
Paint it with color 4071FE
Copy & paste the skyline as new layer
Then paste the aircraft as new layer

Stand on the top layer
Layers – New Vector Layer
Draw 2 lines for adjustment. We shall delete later

Stand on Skyline layer
Duplicate & move towards left a little
Do not move the Aircraft
Start with very little gap then make it bigger
So it looks like the Aircraft is taking speed
After few layers move the Aircraft a little upwards
Then Image – Rotate – Free Rotate 5 left – 3 times

Like this

Now duplicate skyline layer
and move both left & downwards
Make the background disappear

Now free rotate 5 right
Make the Aircraft straight

Open the cloud which we have minimized
Copy & paste as new layer above Skyline
Duplicate & move towards left a little
and make it disappear
Copy & paste Skyline layer above cloud again
Duplicate & move left & upwards
Don’t move the Aircraft

When the Aircraft touches the runway
Move the Aircraft towards right
Keep the background still

Delete the vector layer
Keep the background layer open all the time
Keep one layer of Aircraft open
and change occasionally
Open the layer from bottom, one by one
Edit – Copy merged
Paste in Animation Shop – After Current Frame
First and Last frame = 400
Where the aircraft in blue sky = 500
All other frames = 10
Save as GIF 

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