Open a new document 670 x 450 transparent
Paint with color # 8DC5FF
Change foreground color to # FFFFFF
Layers – New Raster Layer
Click on Brush Tool, select cloud
Adjust size & click once to paint some cloud
For cloud brash & to know how to install brush
See my tutorial ‘Aircraft’

You can download different cloud brushes
from my tutorial ‘Give Touches to a Landscape’
You can use those both in Photoshop & Paintshop

Crop some grass from any picture – Paste as new layer
Place in the bottom

Copy & paste the tree several times to create a forest
Merge those tree layers
Layers – New vector layer
With Pen Tool draw a line at the top

 Copy & paste the plane as new layer several times
With Move Tool, move the plane
A little left in each layer

Do not give any gap; I have given just to show you
Add another vector layer

With Ellipse Shape Tool draw an ellipse

Resize the skydivers according to your background
Copy & paste several times below forest layer

With move tool place them like this

With rectangle selection tool select this portion

Right click inside the selection – Copy
Paste as a new layer above last Skydiver layer
Duplicate the layer 4 times
Rename these layers R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5
Click on Brush & select Warp Brush
with the setting below
Stand on R1 layer; left click in the middle of the parachute
Press & hold a little. Parachute will be smaller
Stand on R2, press & hold a little more
Like this do R3, R4 & R5
If you are not satisfied with the size
click undo at the top, and do it again

With Move Tool place the parachute like this

Copy & paste the paratrooper as a new layer

and place in this position

Duplicate several times. Duplicate from original
Do not duplicate from duplicate
Add another vector layer at the top
With pen tool draw a line
With Move Tool place the paratrooper like below

We are done

Now Animation
When the plane reach this point

Open the skydiver

Then open & close the layers in combination
Plane & skydiver
Open last 5 skydiver layers
In combination with R1, R2, R3, R4 & R5
Then the paratrooper
Open & close one by one

Timing by default 10

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