Notebook Page

Notebook Page

I found the clip in Google Image Search
You can use it
Just drag it into your Desktop

Open a document in Photoshop 500 x 600 pixels
Fill with color DF953E
Add a new layer by clicking in the bottom

Right Click on Marquee Tool and
Select Rectangle Marquee Tool 

On the top select
Style: Fixed Size, Width: 310 & Height: 420

Click once in the document
You will get this

Fill the selection with white color
Press Ctrl + D to deselect

Right Click on Marquee Tool and
Select Elliptical Marquee Tool

Style: Fixed Size, Width: 14 & Height: 14
Press Ctrl & hit + to zoom
Click in the corner

Select Rectangle Marquee Tool again
Now in the top - Style is Normal
Press Shift and draw a selection like the picture

Hit Delete

Press Shift button and hit ‘Down Arrow’ 2 times
Release Shift Button and hit Delete
Do this repeatedly until you reach the bottom

Add a Drop Shadow
Right Click on Layer 2 – Blending Options
Check Drop Shadow box and Click on text
Do like the picture - OK

Add a new layer
Select – Single Row Marquee Tool
Foreground Color should be 87C2DF

Click at the top of the page
Press Alt + Backspace. It will fill the line
Press ‘Down arrow’ 3 times - Alt + Backspace
Now Press Shift and hit ‘Down Arrow’ 2 times
Release Shift and press ‘Alt + Backspace’
Do this repeatedly until you reach the bottom
Ctrl + D to deselect

Add a new layer
Select – Single Column Marquee Tool

Foreground color should be CD4B4B
Click on the left side then ‘Alt + Backspace’
Hit ‘Right Arrow’ 3 times then ‘Alt + Backspace’
Ctrl + D to deselect

Now we have to remove excess line
Select Layer 3 and Right Click
Create Clipping Mask

Select Layer 4 and do the same

Select Layer 2
Select Pen Tool
Draw a line like this

Right Click on a nod – Make Selection - OK

Hit Delete – Ctrl +D to deselect
This will give you a torn look

Stay on Layer 2 & close Layer 1

Right Click – Merge Visible
Stay on Layer 2
Right Click – Duplicate Layer
Pop-up box – OK
Open Layer 1
Select Layer 2
Select Arrow in Tool Bar
Check Show Transform Controls
Take the mouse just outside top right nod
Mouse will change like the picture
Draw right slightly
You will get this
Uncheck Show Transform Controls

Open the Gems Clip
Copy and Paste

Select Eraser Tool and erase unwanted portion

Write as you like
File – Save As
Save in JPEG format
If you want, close Layer 1 & save in PNG format
It will make the pages transparent 

 Müşerref Özdaş


  1. Wonderful tutorial.
    My version is here:
    I hope you like ... Thank you.