Postage Stamp

Postage Stamp

Open a new document 500 x 300
Fill with color F8F2CF
Add a new layer by clicking the bottom of layers palette

Select Rectangular Marquee Tool
At the top set Style: Fixed Size
Width: 345 & Height: 225

Click in the document and place in the middle

Fill the selection with white color
Press Ctrl + D to remove selection

Right Click on Marquee Tool and
Select Elliptical Marquee Tool
At the top Style: Fixed Size
Width: 12 & Height: 12

Press Ctrl and click once + to zoom your document
You can do zoom in and zoom out by pressing
Ctrl and + or  - sign
Click in the edge of white rectangle
Move to place it properly

Hit Delete in your keyboard
Now press Shift and hit 2 times in the Right Arrow in your keyboard
Release Shift and hit Delete and again
All 4 sides. Use Left, Right, and Up & Down arrow
Any mistake? Press Ctrl + Alt + Z for undo

Add a Drop Shadow
Right Click on Layer 2 – Blend Options
Check the Box and click on text Drop Shadow

Add a New Layer
Right Click on Marquee Tool and
Select Rectangle Marquee Tool
Above it is Normal

Draw a rectangle inside the stamp

Fill with black color (000000)
Deselect by pressing Ctrl + D

Open a JPEG picture in Photoshop
Press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C
Back to stamp Press Ctrl + V
To add a Clipping Mask in picture
(This is important for re-size)
Press Alt and place the mouse between Layer 3 & 4
Mouse will change automatically
Click once

Click the arrow in Tool Bar
Check Show Transform Control 

Now adjust your picture by dragging the nods

Uncheck Show Transform Control
Decorate your stamp with Country Name & value
But do it by adding a layer

Now Save
Go to Layer Palette
Close Layer 1 by clicking the EYE

File – Save As
Save as PNG file
Pop-up box will appear
Click OK

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