Rocket Launching

Rocket Launching




Foreground color #000000
Background color # 3899FC
Make a Foreground-background gradient
Angle & Repeat 0, invert checked

Open a transparent document in PSP 540 x 900
Paint with the gradient. Minimize it
Open another transparent document in PSP 540 x 900
Effects – Plug-in – Flaming Pear – Glitterato

If you do not have Glitterato, use night sky color
Place the planets as new layers like this

Merge visible

Open a new document 540 x 1800
Paste the previous two documents as new layer
Like this

Use eraser in the joint. Merge visible.
Rename it sky
Minimize it. We don’t required previous
two documents any more

Open a new document 520 x 700
We shall work in this document
Copy & paste sky as new layer
Use some grass & trees as background
With pen tool draw a launching pad

Copy & paste the rocket as new layer

Copy & paste the rocket another 12 layers
With move tool place those little upwards in each layer
Zoom the whole thing for perfection
Rename these layers R1 to R13

Copy the sky ( which we have minimized earlier )
Paste as new layer below R1
With move tool draw little downward
Lower the opacity to 40 for adjustment
After placing the layer, back to opacity 100

Like this paste sky as new layer several times,
this is still in your mouse
and draw each layer a little downward.
Use View – Ruler, for uniform gap
Rename these layers S1, S2, S3 ….
I have done up to S33
When you reach at the end point, can’t move
the sky down anymore

Copy & paste rocket several times above R13
Rename these layers F1, F2 ….
Stand on F1. Image – Rotate – Free Rotate 4 left

Move little upward
Like this in each layers ( F2, F3 … )
Add 4. Such as 4,8,12,16,20 ….
and move upward

Now close all layers
Open S1 & R1. Stand on R1 layer
Effects – Plug-in – Eye Candy 4000 – Fire

Do not change Direction, circled with red
You can change other settings if you like
Keep S1 open and do this to each layer
R2 to R13 but click Random Seed
Once in each layer
In each layer go to Edit – Copy Merged
and paste in Animation Shop
when you reached R13, click undo in PSP

Keep R13 selected, open one by one
S2, S3 ….S33
Each time use Eye Candy 4000 Fire
But click on Random Seed, then after pasting on
Animation Shop, click undo
When you reach S33, keep selected the layer
Now use Fire in F1, F2 …
But this time change Direction by adding 4 in each layer

Like 274, 278, 282 …
Do not forget to click Random Seed each time
In Animation shop, timing by default 10

Hope I have not messed the tutorial
If you have any problem in understanding
Send me a mail in any language
I shall clarify that to you

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