Open a document in PSP 670 x 450 transparent
Paint with color #79A3D3
Layers – New Raster layer
Change the foreground color to #FFFFFF
Use Brush to draw some cloud
If you don’t have cloud brush, see my Aircraft tutorial
For Cloud Brush and how to install
Crop some grass from any picture
Copy & paste as new layer
Add trees as new layer
Change the foreground color to #F0EEEE
Use Pen Tool in this setting and draw fencing

Copy & paste Truck 1 & Truck 2 as new layers

Set the Cars as new layers

Change the foreground color to &C000000
Selection Tool – Ellipse, draw a Ellipse
Selection – Modify – Contact - 2

Hit delete in keyboard

Copy & paste the car as new layer

Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Right 13

Duplicate the car several times
With Move Tool place them. Ellipse is indicator
 Rotate as required

Copy & paste the car as new layer again
Image – mirror
Duplicate the layer several times
Place them like this
Add a vector layer at the top and draw a line with Pen
It will keep the car in same line

Delete two vector layers (Ellipse & line)
Decorate the picture as you like
I used SUVs & Tyres
We are done
Close all Car layers, then open & close one by one
Edit - Copy Merged
Paste in Animation Shop – After Current Frame
In Animation Shop, Edit – Select All
Right Click in any frame – Frame Properties
Give 7

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