Aqua New Year

Aqua New Year


Open this picture or similar kind of picture in PSP
Edit – Copy
Open a new document in PSP 650 x 500 transparent
(or appropriate with your picture)
Edit – Paste – Paste into Selection
Selections – Select None
Duplicate the layer 2 times
Rename these layers, BG 1, BG 2 & BG 3
With Freehand Selection Tool – Point to Point
Select this portion

Right click inside the selection - Copy
Right click in the blank space in the canvas
Paste – Paste as New Image
Minimize it
Same way select the right side gate
Copy & paste, minimize
Open Left Side gate
Edit – Copy
Paste above BG 3 as new layer
With Move Tool place it above the original gate

With Raster Deform Tool – Scale mode
Pull the right side

Change the mode of Raster Deform to ‘Free’
Pull the right side top & bottom nod

a little downwards

Copy & paste the right side gate as new layer
Same way do the right side gate
Merge these 2 layers, rename the layer G 1
Layers – Merge – Merge Down
Same way do another 2 times
Each time pull the gate a little
towards each other

rename these 2 layers G 2 & G 3

Now in G 3 layer, with Freehand Selection Tool
Select the handle and hit Delete in keyboard

Open BG 1 & G 1 layers, close all other layers
Select Clone Tool
Stand on BG 1 layer
Remove the extra gate from BG 1
Right click in the sky then left click in the gate

Likewise open BG 2 & G 2
BG 3 & G 3
Remove the extra gate from BG 2 & BG 3
Now open the original background
Close all other layer
Stand on the top layer
With Pen Tool draw 2 lines as shown
Layers - New Raster Layer
Write Happy New Year
Font, color & size is your choice

 Duplicate this text layer 11 times
So you have 12 text layers
Stand on the 1st text layer
With Eraser remove all except ‘H’

Stand on the 2nd text layer

With Eraser remove all except ‘HA’

Next layer ‘HAP’
Like this do all 11 layers
Last text layer will be as it is
Copy & paste the Dolphin as new layer
Rotate (Image – Rotate) & resize (Image – Resize)

Then remove the portion with Eraser

Again copy & paste the Dolphin as new layer
Image – Mirror and do the same
Again copy & paste the Dolphin as new layer
Place it a little higher
Erase below the line
Do the same to Mirror Image

We are done

Now animation
Close all layers- open BG 3 & G 3
Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in the Animation Shop – As New Animation
Then BG 2 & G 2, after that BG 1 & G 1
Then only background
All the time – Paste After Current Frame
Then add a new layer, write ‘H’
And move the ‘H’ with Move Tool
Follow the pictures




Each time delete the layer written ‘H’
Add another layer & write the next alphabet
Like A, P, P, Y, N, E, W, Y, E, A, R
At the same time open the erased 12 layers one by one
in the 4th frame
do not forget to close the red line before Copy Merged  

Gate layers = 50
Dolphin layers = 20

Last layer = 500

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