Jelly Beans Text

Jelly Beans Text

How to create a Bean Brush
Open a document 500 x 500 px transparent
Select Ellipse Tool and draw an Ellipse approx 170 x 380 px

Pick Direct Selection Tool and select two horizontal nods

Press Left Arroe Key in the Keyboard few times
to move the right side nod to the left a little

Now select the two vertical points

Go to Edit – Transform Points – Scale
Press and hold the Alt key and drag
the right side outwards
Hit Enter in the keyboard to accept the change
Right click on the layer – Rasterize Layer

Use Direct Selection Tool to drag the nods
To give a shape of bean

Go to Edit – Define Brush Preset
Write Bean - OK

Our Brush is ready

Open a document 670 x 450 px transparent
Paint with color # F7F7F7
Change the foreground color to # CDC9C8
Write Jelly and Beans in two separate layers in two lines
with a nice font. I used Insaniburger
You can use one line in a single layer
Go to Window – Character
Use 230 pt for first line & 170 pt for second

You will get this

Right click on Jelly text layer – Create Work Path

Stand on Jelly layer and click here
To open a new layer above Jelly layer

Close Jelly layer by clicking on the eye

Change the foreground color to # 000000
Click on Brush Tool. Window – Brushes
Select Brush Tip Shape

Select Shape Dynamics

Stand on Layer 2, pick Direct Selection Tool
Right click on the Path (Edge) of Jelly – Stroke Path

When Stroke Path appears
Select Brush from drop down menu
Unchecked Simulate Pressure - OK

Hit Enter to cleared Path

Like this do the Bean layer
Only change brush size to 12 (from 14)

Right click on Layer 2 – Blending Options

Color Overlay

Bevel and Emboss


Click 1 and then 2
Select Grayscale Paper then Textured

Inner Glow

You will get this

Add a new layer above Layer 2
Pick Brush Tool, size 14, foreground color Pink # DA296C
Use the Brush few times in each latter
Then change Layer Style at Blending options as before
Use Brush different color in different layers
Yellow # DDC64B
Green # 75B602
Orange # EA9400
Purple # 4F2B3A
or you may choose your own color

Like this do the bean

Close the background layer (Layer 1)
File – Save As – Save As PNG Format
You will get transparent text

We are done

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