Church Lighting 3

Church Lighting 3

Save a picture of a church from google image search
Open the picture in PSP
Copy the picture (Edit – Copy), minimize the picture
Open a new document at PSP 670 x 500
File - New
(or as you like) in proportion with your picture
Selections – Select All
Edit – Paste – Paste into Selection
Selections – Select None

View – Rulers
Enlarge the picture 400% by rolling the mouse
Select Pen Tool
Set Foreground color to black
With Pen Tool draw lines like this
It will work as electrical wire
Right click on the layer – Convert to Raster Layer

Set foreground color to white (FFFFFF)
Select Paint Brush size 4
Like ‘Church Lighting 1’ tutorial
Layers – New Raster Layer
Click several times to draw like this
Only the top portion of the Church
Change the brush size to 6
Draw the lower portion
Make sure that the gaps are uniform
I have pink spots, so that it will differ from
light background color

do not give any importance to that

Set foreground color to red (FF0000)
Layers – New Raster Layer
Click on the first point of each line
Then leave 3 spots & click on 4th

Set foreground color to green (00FF00)
Layers – New Raster Layer
Click the spot below red in each line

Like this do blue below green
Yellow below blue
Both times in a new Raster Layer

Set foreground color to pink (FF00FF)
Layers – New Raster Layer

Click on this portion only

Layers – New Raster Layer

Then this portion

Like this do the remaining in different layers
Paint 2 spots in green in a layer

Then another 2 in a new layer

Open 3 raster layers and paint
Each bends in a layer

Open 2 raster layers and paint with C00000
The arches on the doors
Paint alternate spots in each layer
Rename these layers, Door 1 & Door 2


Close the white spots layer
We are done

Now animation
Open and close in any combinations as you like
Each time, Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in Animation Shop – After Current Frame
Do it in your own

Remember there is no Right and Wrong

Only a different lighting

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