Give Touches to a Landscape

Give Touches to a Landscape
For Beginners Only

Download Clouds Brushes from here

Open a landscape in Photoshop

Add a new layer by clicking here

Click on Brush on Tool Bar

Click in the arrow and select Clouds Brushes

Select a cloud pattern as you like
You can see the cloud in the tip of your mouse
Adjust Cloud’s size according to landscape
by adjusting Master Diameter shown with blue arrow
Set your Foreground color to white ( FFFFFF )
Click in the sky where you like

Select another pattern of cloud
Click in the sky

Add another layer by clicking in the bottom
Select Gradient Tool

Select Radial Gradient
then select Transparent Gradient

click on gradient in the top

Click in the black two tabs and drag upwards
Those will disappear

Now arrange the tabs like this

Go to your landscape and draw a line
from bottom to top
start from outside the landscape

If it is not to your liking
Press Ctrl + Z to undo and draw again

Select Layer 2 reduce the opacity around 38%
( or as you like )

You will get this

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  1. wow you are indeed a true professional. i want learn