Insert JPEG Picture in Text

Insert JPEG Picture in Text

A simple trick for beginners only

Christmas and New Years is around the corner.
Many of you will want to send am E-Card to your friends and family.
Nothing better than to make one of your own.

I collected these pictures from
Google Image Search

Open a New Document 600 x 400 pixels
Paint it with any light color
Make your foreground color Black (000000)
Click on Text (T) in Tool Bar
and write Merry Christmas in your favorite font

If the size is not according to your liking
Click on the arrow and check
Show Transform Control
(You can see it only when you click on arrow)
And move the side nod
until you are satisfied with the size

Uncheck Show Transform Control
Open the JPEG picture candy pattern
File –Open
It will open in another document
Press Ctrl + A then Ctrl + C
Go to text document Press Ctrl + V
Now you can only see the JPEG picture only
Again check Show Transform Control
and drag the nods according to your document size

Apply and Uncheck Show Transform Control

Right Click on Layer 3
Select Create Clipping Mask
You can see like this

Layer Palette will be like this

You can see like this

Click the arrow in the Tool Bar
and move over text until you are satisfied
Select Merry Christmas Layer
Right Click – Select Blending Options
Check Bevel & Emboss
Then click on the text Bevel & Emboss
and do like this

Now save
Close Layer 1 by clicking the eye

File – Save As
Save as PNG format

Now copy and paste it to a JPEG picture
Resize and place it using Show Transform Control

Another Example

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