In this tutorial, along with animation
You will learn how to create attractive background
Open a document 670 x 400 transparent
Paint with color # F5E7CA. Rename the layer Pool
Layers – New Raster Layer
Paint with color # 87BAFF. Rename the layer water
Stand on water layer
Effects – Plugins – Flaming Pear – Flood

With raster Deform Tool make the layer like this
(Use scale & free both)

Stand on Pool layer
Like previous make the layer like this

Layers – New Raster Layer
With rectangle selection tool draw 3 rectangles
on 3 top sides of the pool
Press Shift for multiple selections
Fill with color # 808080
Then reduce the opacity to 50%

Layers – New Raster Layer
Arrange – Send to Bottom
Copy & paste the Grass as new layer
Do not enlarge it. Copy & paste multiple times
Merge these layers ( Merge Down )

Copy & Paste the Bush above this layer
Duplicate & resize 95% and place
Do this another 3 times & both sides of the pool

Copy & paste the house as new layer & place it
Add a new raster layer above the Bush layers
but below the House layer
With rectangle selection tool draw a selection

Selection – Modify – Expand 5
Fill with color # 93634D
Effects – texture Effects – Texture

You will get this
Rename this layer wall

Copy & paste the tree as new layer below the wall layer
Stand in the pool layer
Selections – Select All
Selections - Float
Effects – Plugins – MuRa’s Seamless – Checks

Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen More
Again, Adjust – Sharpness – Sharpen More

We have done the background

Now prepare the animation
Copy & paste the Seal as new layer at the top. Place it

Layers – Duplicate, Image – Mirror

Copy & paste 2 balls in 2 different layers

Layers – New Vector Layer
With Pen Tool draw 2 lines like the picture below
Add another vector layer
Keep your foreground color open
and close the background color
With Ellipse Shape Tool draw an ellipse

Stand on Ball 1, Duplicate several times
Image – Rotate – Fee Rotate – Right 20

Next layer rotate 40
Like this add 20 in each layer up to 340
20, 40, 60 …. 320, 340
Add the ball in another 5 layers
With Move Tool place like this

Do the same for Ball 2
Copy & paste Ball 1 several times again
With Move Tool place like this

Copy & paste Ball 2 several times again
With Move Tool place like this

You have to do the whole thing again
But with the different ball now
Because the balls have interchanged now

Close the balls & vector layers
Stand on the layer Seal 1 (Right side)
Layers – Duplicate
In this layer select the head

Right click in the selection – Copy
Right click in the blank space in PSP – Paste as new image
Minimize it. Hit Delete in keyboard

Selections – Select None
Do same to Seal 2 (Left side)
Now you have two Heads & two seals without head

Copy & past each head as new layer
Place those above headless seal
With Raster Deform Tool rotate a little like the picture

Stand on headless seal 1 layer
Select Clone Tool
Right click on the body then left click in the gap & fill it

Layers – Merge Down (Head & headless body)
Do the same to Seal 2

Delete the Vector Layers
We are done

Layers positions







Now animation
Keep the background open all the time
Open Seal 1, Seal 2, Ball 1 & Ball 2
Then open the rotation of ball 1 & 2
Both balls at the same time
Bottom to top then close the layers
Top to bottom one by one
In each move, go to
Edit – Copy Merged, go to Animation Shop
Paste After Current Frame
Open the upward movement of balls
Bottom to top then close from top to bottom
Open the movement of balls
Both ball at the same time
After that do the same thing again
with different ball

When the Seals throw the balls
Close Seal 1 & Seal 2 layers
and open Copy of Seal 1 & Seal 2
( The merged copy)
When the Seals receiving the balls
Close the Copy of Seal 1 & Seal 2
Open again Seal 1 & Seal 2

If you face any problem
send me an e-mail, I shall clarify

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