Happy Diwali Text Effect

Happy Diwali

Text Effect for beginners


Open a document in Photoshop 670 x 450
( File – New, then as shown below)

Paint with color white ( #FFFFFF )
Click on T in the Toolbar and write
Happy Diwali, with your choice of font
Foreground color should be black
I used Merkin 60 pt

Open the JPEG picture of lamps
It will open in another document
Press CTRL + A then CTRL + C
Click on Happy Diwali document
Press CTRL + V. It will paste above the letters

Click on the arrow and check
Show Transform Control
(You can see it only when you click on arrow)
And move the side nod
until you are satisfied with the size

Layer Palette will be like this

Duplicate the layer 5 times
( Layer – Duplicate Layer )
With the arrow place them like this

Close Layer 1 and Happy Diwali layers
by clicking on the eye

Layer – Merge Visible

Stand on Layer 7
Right click – Create Clipping Mask

You will get this

Right click on Happy Diwali Layer
Blending Options

Click on Bevel and Emboss
Then change the Depth to 30

We are done
Now how to save transparent text

Close the white layer by clicking on the eye
Go to, Image – Trim

Click OK
You will get this

File – Save As
Save as PNG

Pop-up box will come
Click OK

Other examples

Font - Ethnocentric

Font - Creepsville

Instead of multiple JPEG pictures like previous
Use single JPEG picture 

Font - Earth

Font - Merkin