Far Text Effect

Far Text Effect

In Photoshop



Open a document in Photoshop 650 x 350 white
Window – character

 Use this setting
You may change the font

Write Tiger

Open the texture
Press Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C
Go to the letter tiger, Ctrl+V
With Move Tool place it like this

Layer – Duplicate Layer – OK
Place it like this

Use eraser in this setting

Erase the edge

Right Click on Text thumbnail

 Select Pixels

You can see the marquee text selection

Press Ctrl and select both texture layers

Layer – Group Layers
Click on group folder
Layer – Layer Mask – Reveal Selection

Open the Brush
Edit – Define Brush Preset, name it Fur
Window – brushes
Brush Tip Shapes

Shape Dynamics


Also check Smoothing
Foreground color should be white
Stand on mask layer
Start painting the edge

Close the background layer (white)
File – Save As – Save in PNG format
You will get transparent text

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