Baseball Text Effect

Baseball Text Effect


Leather texture

Download leather.pat file

Open a new document 1000 x 600, background white
Add a new layer – Paint with 3f9620
Right Click on Layer 2 – blend options
Check Texture then click on text
Click on arrow – select Nature Pattern
Then select Grass

Write a text – Set Foreground color e0e0e0
Go to Window – Character

Press Ctrl and click on Text Layer’s Icon to create a selection

Go to Select – Modify – Expand by 15 px

Create a new layer below the text layer and rename it 'Stroke'

Set Foreground color to e1e1e1 and fill the selection
Press Ctrl + D to deselect

Press Ctrl and click Text Layer’s Icon again
Go to Selection – Modify – Expand by 1

Select Stroke Layer and hit Delete
Selection – Modify – Expand by 8

Go to Select - Inverse
Use eraser to remove unwanted parts

Now how to create Stitches Brush
Open a new document 23 x 82 px white color
Press Ctrl and hit + 2 times to zoom
Right Click on Shape and select Ellipse Tool

Click on top left corner and drag to bottom right corner

Go to Image – Canvas Size and set width to 100 px

Press Ctrl + T and rotate the ellipse to 45 degree clockwise
You can put the rotate value in the top

Duplicate the layer and put -100 in the width
Hit Enter

Press Ctrl and select both layers

Layer – Group Layers

Right Click – duplicate Group
Layer – Merge Group and make the Group 1 invisible

Select Rectangle Marquee Tool
Style: Fixed Size, W: 40 & H: 13

Hit Delete then Ctrl + D to deselect
Select Rectangle Marquee Tool
Style: Fixed Size, W: 2 & H: 24

Hit Delete then Ctrl + D to deselect

Image – Trim and apply the value below

Go to Edit – Define Brush Preset and type a name for the Brush

Back to original document
Click on Brush on Tool Bar
Window – Brush – Brush Tip Shape – Stitches Brush

Click on Shape Dynamics text, Control: Direction

Right click the text layer and choose Create Work Path

Add a new layer at the top
Rename it Stitches
Set the Foreground color to #ce012b
Pick direct Selection Tool – Right click the Path – Stroke Path

Select Brush from Drop Down Menu
and Simulate Pressure unchecked

Hit Enter to delete the Path

Edit – Preset Manager – Select Contours

Click the arrow and select Contours

Click Append

Double Click on Text Layer
Follow the Stapes

Inner Shadow

Inner Glow

Bevel and Emboss



You will get this

Double Click on Stroke Layer

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Inner glow

Bevel and Emboss


It will apply the effect to the stroke

Double Click the Stitches Layer

Drop Shadow

Bevel and Emboss



You will get this

Click on Add New Adjustment Layer Icon - Color Balance

Add another Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Click the Add New Adjustment Layer Icon and choose Levels

You will get this

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