Stitch on Denim - Text Effect

Stitch on Denim – Text Effect

Stitches of Thread Brush
Download from 4shared

Install the brush as told in Lightning tutorial

Open a document in Photoshop 550 x 350
Color Mode: RGB – 8 Bit
Paint with white
Right Click on layer and select Blending Options

Click on the box Pattern Overlay
Then click on the text Pattern Overlay

Click the arrow 1 then 2
Click Patterns 2

Select Denim then click ok

Now you have a background full of denim
Change the color of denim (optional)
Click – Create Fill New Adjustment Layer
You can do it by clicking in the bottom – see picture

Select Hue/Saturation


Your denim is now red
Add some text

Right Click on Levis layer and load denim like previous

Now we have to create an outline path for text
T is still selected Right Click on text
Select – Create Work Path
Foreground color should be white
This will create a white outline around each latter

Add a layer clicking here 

Select Brush Tool

Click in the arrow and
select Stitches of Thread

Window – Brushes
Select –Brush Tip Shape
Do as shown in picture

Click on text – Shape Dynamics

Close it by clicking the arrow and close

Select Pen Tool
Foreground color should be white

Stay on layer 2 - Right Click on
anywhere on the white line in text
select Stroke Path
Be sure Brush is selected and
Simulate Pressure is unchecked

You will get this

Go to Path Tab in Layer Palette
Right Click and delete path

Right Click on Layer 2
Click on Drop Shadow Box then on text
Do as shown in picture

Click on Bevel and Emboss
Do as shown in picture

You will get this

We are done

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