Trapeze 2

Trapeze 2


Open a new document in PSP 670 x 470 transparent
Selections – Select All
Right click and copy the Canvas
Edit – Paste – Paste into Selection
Selections – Select None
Layers – New Vector Layers
Foreground color #F6E08E
Select Pen Tool and draw 2 lines like this

Right Click on layer – Convert to Raster Layer
Foreground color #BA5D02
Layers – New Vector Layers
With Pen Tool and draw a lines like this
This time Width is 6.00

Right Click on layer – Convert to Raster Layer
Effects – 3D Effects – Inner Bevel

Layers – Arrange – Move Down
Select the top layer
Layers – Merge –Merge Down
Rename this Layer T1
Duplicate this Layer
(Right click on layer – Duplicate) 
With Move Tool place like this
Rename this Layer T2

Duplicate this layer 2 times
Image – Mirror
Place like this
Rename these 2 Layers T3 & T4

Copy each of this layer 6 times
Layers – Arrange – Move Down 3 layers in each set
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Left 5, 10 and 15
For below 3 layers

Image – Rotate – Free Rotate – Right 5, 10 and 15
For above 3 layers
Do like this in 4 set

Copy & paste the Trapeze Girl as a new layer
Below this 4 sets of layer
With Move Tool set like this

Duplicate the Girl 6 times
Image – Rotate – Free Rotate - Right 5

Rotate all 6 girls like this 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30
With Move Tool Set like this

Copy & paste these 7 layers
Set in the same way in T2

Again, copy & paste the original girl as a new layer
Image – Mirror
Duplicate 6 times & set at T3. But this time rotate Left
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30
Copy these 7 layers and set in T4

We are done

Now close all layers except background
To start with open these layers only

One by one open & close the layers
Swing T1 towards left & T2 towards right
When the girl jumped from T1 to T2
Swing empty T1 towards right
Like this do T3 & T4

Edit – Copy Merged
Paste in Animation shop After Current Frame
When you paste all the frames in Animation Shop
Go to, Edit – Select All
Right Click on any frame – Frame Properties
Give 20

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